Friday, 4 November 2011


What is phonic ?
  • “Phonics is a method of teaching people to read in which they are taught to recognise the sounds that letters make”
Longman Dictionary p. 1058 
Why do we teach phonics ?
  • Learning the alphabet and learning how to read are the usual objectives of nearly all syllabi for young children
  • Phonics forms the basis for understanding and decoding English as it is written
  • These characters, when arranged together in a certain way – as a word – become representative of something
                                     s u

  • These words, when arranged in a certain way – as a sentence – allow us to communicate
            The sun is hot.

How can we teach phonics ?
* Analytic approach
   An awareness of sounds is introduced after sight reading has begun. Letter sounds are taught   
   through alliteration. 
            blue, boy, ball, bag 
* Synthetic approach
   Letters and their sounds are taught before reading commences as preparation for teaching 
   reading through sounding out letters and blending sounds 
     b    b    b   b 
     u    u    u   u 
     s    s    s    s.....bus..bus 
-However, most teachers will combine the two approaches in order to teach phonetic and  
 non-phonetic words
-What approach do you use? How do you teach the alphabet and reading? 


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